— Vivid Ideas proposal 2018

Please provide an overview of your program/event::

Currencies are big news at the moment. the ICO market is going crazy, but within the same framework that builds bubbles, like the dotcom era. They are also not really driving sustainability very far, still focusing on money as the means forward, still using the same currency models as interest-based money. One wonders if and why only the banking industry is the only one that can earn profit through interest and fees, when every other business does it through licensing or shear hard work for profit.

What would happen, however, if we changed the type of currency we use for exchange to be more supportive of business, reduce failure while actively driving creating commodity sustainably. The objective being to create customised product on demand, to the best way possible, across industry sectors. How would new currencies affect what industries are supported.

At present, it is not the most sustainable, no matter how we fight for it. We seek support in different industries to be more sustainable within an economic or political structure that does not support it. The fight on climate change and coal are obvious examples. The question is not how do we support nature in an economy, but why we are in an economy that does not support in the first place.

I propose to discuss what currency parameters really defines the social, economoc, and political consequences of different currencies, which best drives sustainable change, and ways to get there.

The talk will cover:

The 4 parameters of currency design (not characteristics or requirements).

What exchange models best drive sustainable change, how, and why.

Ways to apply these exchange models from where we are now.

What Bitcoin is really trying to show us.


How they benefit everyone who chooses to use them, regardless of personality types.

The personal, community, and politocal possibilities this offers.

How reframing currencies changes the way, and focus, of decision making.

That it is the commodity of currency that disempower us, not empower us.

That all of this happens in a true free-market, experience-focused economy.

That all other changes will be more empowered if they adopt better exchange models.

Format is 30–45min talking and 60–75min Q&A.
Speaker is only myself.
There will be a powerpoint presentation.
Hopefully I can get 2hrs: 90min for total presentation and 15–30min social dialogue after that.

What is new or innovative about your program/event?:

Many people look at the human condition to instigate sustainable change, and while currency is being looked at, the parameters of currency are not, especially at scale.

There is an immense acceptance that money has to exist as it is to move forward, without questioning the parameters of the currency itself, nor the social consequences of it. There is nothing wrong with money itself; it is the design of it that is so disempowering, and why in history owning the rights to it is so hotly fought for. The IMF is doing this with the SDR at this moment. Economic reform comes up every 10–20 years, with the same results. Lets change that!

I will offer a new way to look at currency and why this is so fundamental for sustainable change.

What will the audience experience be like?:

Wow. :)
Illuminating. Outside the box. Empowerment beyond their current imagination.

If they get it, they are going to be amazed. Every time I think about how communities would work this way blows my mind.
This is a whole different way of looking not at human nature as we know it, but how we can go new places by leveraging trust, not through ethics, but through excellence.

We want to give love, gratitude, support, in so many ways, but do not address the environment around us that can further leverage these more. It is not about blaming the environment and not ourselves. How can we reframe towards complete abundance and

supersistence, and changing our economic environment to facilitate this, beyond interest- based currencies.

What will the outcome of the program/event be?:

Calls to action to use what is discussed, not just talk about it.

There are websites to go to to create and connect communities today: freeworlder.com and ecobasa.org. I will explain how to use these sites to they leverage value to participants, and setting up a no-cost currency.

To understand the difference of crowdfinding over crowdfunding, the return of investment in qualitative over quantitative exchange.

They will discover new ways to create with each other rather than against, influenced by creating sustainably rather than monetary interest-driven models.

To look at leveraging collaboration perpetually, without disrupting the advantages of free markets, our native competitive nature to be different, and free will.

Is there anything else you’d like to tell us about your program/event?:

I am presenting a very different, yet also innate, way of thinking. It is going to take time.

It is about staring fear in the face and to no longer be disempowered by it. If we want a world full of joy, at least change the foundations to make this possible and let fears fall where they may.

It presents a different framework to create synergy and awareness of self and others.
It promotes an economy that values intrinsic motivation, reputation beyond the limited price we give to it.
It offers a different framework to value status in what we create, and how this becomes the primary, if not only, vehicle for exchange.

And all I am advocating for to make this possible is to change the type of currency we use.


Frederick studied architecture before venturing out travelling to find his roots and identity.

With only $5000, he left for the US and Europe, spending everything in four months. In the end, he stayed away for seven years seeing 33 countries and sailed across the Atlantic twice — virtually with no regular income. He lived mostly in Prague, Barcelona, Palermo, Paris, London, Seattle, New York, Miami, and San Diego. While hitchhiking from there to Sao Paolo, Brazil, an accident in Mexico forced him to return home.

Since 2008, he began a career as a radio host at local radio stations, discussing the fundamentals of sustainability, realising how disempowering money can be. You can find his work on it here: www.medium.com/@swooned.

Your Audience

Tell us about your target audience:

They are:

interested in active perpetual change beyond the limitations of interest-based currencies.

interested in new frameworks on more efficient excellence-based decision making and discuss the parameters and frameworks of support to act on them.

wanting to build new community structures, ideally in commoning.

motivated for effective change to rebalance how competition and collaboration work together.

social entrepreneurs, changemakers, and support groups who are looking for more empowered solutions between each other to work together more effectively and sustainably.

creators and innovates that want resources to affect their sustainable solutions across the community or the world.

How would you describe your audience?
Professional peers.
Please specify:

Policy makers outside the box.

Content & Copy

Please provide a 1500 character description of your program/event for use on the Vivid Sydney website.:

Money has pervaded almost all cultures, offering opportunity, but only in one direction: to create money at almost any cost. We forget that without people wanting to create, money would have no meaning. Our capacity to create is what makes us wealthy, not money, yet we find new ways to create it without understanding what we are making it for, and how.

We connect money to abundance, yet it is a debt driven system. Whatever abundance we think we have, it is a greater cost to us globally, as we are seeing in the last 50–100years with climate change, food/water,and energy.

We question the failure of human nature, yet we create a world where we make trust rare, despite it being within our native instinct. We design a world around fear-based game theory, TRUSTING this is the right thing to do because time and resources are scarce.

But our creativity is abundant. Limitless. What exchange model affords us to exerciser this as sustainably as possible?

What would the world look like if we just changed how we exchanged with each other? How would politics work for us other than against us? Where would the balance of making decisions be?

Why does money have interest on it in the first place, unlike any other industry sector?

Participate in the discussion and discover more than you may be limited in thinking.

Please provide a 750 character description of your program/event.:

What kind of world would you like to live in where you connect deeply to the world, your communities, yourself? Why do we put a price on this? Why do we think we need a price to value what we make? What is that price based on, and what are we using to measure price?

What would we make if we all thought we were all priceless? How would we value ourselves between each other and Earth? What would we lose, but gain, in the process? Would we be reduces to subsistence without money, or supersistence, where everything we choose to do, be with, even nothing, is the value itself. Always in the present moment, with no one owning you except yourself, and everyone, at the same time.

No, this is not the science of quantum mechanics …

Please provide a 250 character description of your program/event.:

Have you thought how much money changes your life, and others? Come to hear how the way we exchange can empower us, and what models best drive value to create sustainably, customised, on demand.



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There are lots of currencies out there, but if they do not answer how to incentivise creating sustainably/regeneratively, they’re a waste of time. Mine isn’t.