The Core Framework of BUXBE, and How it Values Creating Sustainably/Regeneratively


It is easy to say there are problems in the world, dichotomies to try to master/overcome, to look at existing frameworks we are taught to accept, helplessly, looking for meaning through the torn definition we define the human condition to be. We search for answers outside a box, within a box that we fail to recognise or choose not to discover, for what it may mean in discovering ourselves.

It’s easy to aspire to greatness for the few where circumstances and talent meet, forgetting so many lost in finding a place to be grounded, to grow. We accept the dichotomy that we excuse is just nature. We also forget that we are far more powerful in succeeding at life, bending nature with culture.

We’ve turned a blind eye to changing the game, long enough. It’s time to face we have created a synthetic dichotomy, from fear, because that’s all we know. It is not if we want trust, but if we can face it, and how far you are willing to go to overcome that. People have made this road difficult, but it is far easier than you think, if you are willing to allow it to happen.


The primary objective of BUXBE is to build a framework towards creating trust-based economies. As impossible as this may seem, it is essential if we are to build an economy to value creating sustainably.

The central idea/focus:
What will I/we decide/create to empower the most people in the most sustainable way possible?

Applying this is the greatest freedom anyone can achieve. It is about empowerment, not power.

The central idea is also a decision-making mechanism. It affords consent/consensus for relevant resources to be directed to the people that will best use them most efficiently to, as stated, create experiences to empower the most people in the most sustainable way possible.

This is the only way keep the dynamic of being supported to experience discovering and experience ourselves, with people. No one can experience their best without others, one way or another.

This is what life is all about. :)

It may be perceived that trying to change to a whole new currency with a who different structure is too hard to do, but it is far harder to continue in old ways, with old mindsets, wasting energy on systems that resolve nothing.


BUXBE is not a time currency. It is not a commodity crypto to be speculated on. Free market pricing is still part of the economic model, but the price mechanism in BUXBE is the opposite of usury; things of higher quality cost less, but purchasing power goes up. BUXBE neutralises commodity biases so wealth shifts to qualitative wealth, not quantitative.

  1. It is free to use.
  2. There is no tax, fees, costs or interest.
  3. It has no commodity capacity, i.e it is not listed for speculation.
  4. BUXBE is created in real time by people using it per transaction.
    As a consequence, the BUXBE bank is owned by the people using it.
  5. Education [E] is paid for by BUXBE, for both teachers and students, at a mean rate of B60/h. This keeps the currency stable.
  6. Infrastructure and community projects [C] are paid for by BUXBE, to be given to communities for free.
  7. Transactions [T] for goods and services can be either community exchange or sold for profit, as free market pricing will accept by relevant communities.
  8. No one is forced to transact with someone if they do not want to. Reputation decides if people are worthy to transact with.
  9. BUXBE is pegged 1:1 to the USD, IN PRICE ALONE, because it is the most widely accepted currency people identify with. As usury and BUXBE economies are so different, inflationary vs deflationary, respectively, It’s an easy way to adopt using BUXBE in the beginning. Therefore, they are not exchangeable between each other, nor is BUXBE exchangeable with any other currency. That BUXBE is created by people using it in real time, exchange is unnecessary, irrelevant.
  10. BUXBE is impossible to, and cannot be, owned as a corporate entity of any kind. BUXBE only exists through the people that use it.
  11. Purchasing power goes up with less money needed to achieve enough to maintain velocity. There is no need to control currency volume to force price controls. The natural focus of BUXBE is to value creating quality at the lowest price.


All people presume that currency has to be created by authority/agreement into existence. This is the one mistake that disempowers people to create in synergy with Earth. Add usury to this; tax, fees, costs, and this devolves to power struggles that, regardless of material wealth and experiences, disempowers everyone. Only a non-commodity currency evolves empowered wealth.

  1. Humans do not need extrinsic motivation to create. It is a basic need to do this, not just for survival, but to differentiate one’s capability from others.
  2. Humans follow the path of least resistance to get what they need to survive. This becomes a learned helplessness when control has been ongoing for a long period of time.
  3. Humans have become accustomed to currency being a commodity, created separately from the work of people. Life becomes a game to grab what currency is available for distribution, therefore incentivises taking advantage of trust, for the money.
  4. People are being commodified because that is what usury currency does. There is no possible way people, and Earth, can be valued qualitatively within a quantified measure.
  5. The finance industry, as far back as we can remember, has been built on commodity, speculating against others to get rich. Being rich and wealth are not the same thing. Since the creation of central banks, speculating against human nature has been the game towards obtaining monetary wealth. No wonder mental illness is so rife. BUXBE is designed to take that pressure away, to base wealth on fundamentals, connecting excellence to cultivating Earth, allowing wealth to be qualitative, not quantitative.
  6. Money is disempowering. People aren’t. In any sentence that has the word ‘money’ in it, change it to ‘people’, and watch how it reframes the sentence.
  7. The power of currency is when it is not commodified. BUXBE is designed as a transition to a full qualitative exchange to overcome this quantitative mindset.
  8. Throughout media, stories, and the like where money is involved, there is always a choice of doing something for love or money. Why? People think life is the compromise between them. This is exactly what the people who own money want.
  9. Our current economic system, and therefore all other political and social systems created from it, waste an immense amount of resources, especially through disempowering industries such as banking, defence, accounting, insurance. Saying capitalism is the best model is in comparison to other political models are referencing political frameworks, not economic ones. Politics throughout history and now have always leveraged inequality for power, because behind every political system is an economy that leverages disempowerment. Central banks build control through commodity currencies to drive inequality to destruction, then do it over again because people think currency is created by authority, not actually them. Valuable currencies can only be based on people, and empower them without ownership.
  10. Any empowering currency connects any creation to be created for/with love and empowerment and cultivating Earth as priorities.
  11. Humans create better collaboratively, competition a tool to improve capability to collaborate better.
  12. Humans want to love, trust, connect, and collaborate, ideally unconditionally. Any economic structure must facilitate this, not fight it. We trusted the creators of currency to help us. This shows what human nature is really like.
  13. Resources are scarce, but creativity is abundant. Any currency must facilitate this quality of abundance, not the quantity of it. This is impossible with commodity currencies, where value is leveraged on scarcity.
  14. Usury currency is commodity-based, created separately from the work of people that actually give money meaning. Money based on gold, crypto, anything outside of the creativity of people makes people commodities too. A worthy currency inverts this. Only a currency based on the direct creativity and capacity of people serves them, not owns them.
  15. Entrepreneurship is admirable, at its best when it can compete in the arena as a sport, to be better together at the next game; their ultimate values for how they create experiences as art to experience, not objects to forget.
  16. People are only irrational when they are disempowered.
    Rationality is clear and decisive when empowered.
  17. People have been disempowered for a very long time. This is the trauma humanity has been going through since currency has been a commodity, for both rich and poor. Both are predicated from fear. Power is about fear. Empowerment is about love.
  18. Earth always wins. It does not care if we live or not. If we want to live, it is up to us, not Earth, to sustain that. Any economic model to facilitate this must cultivate Earth, not destroy it. Colonising Mars is not going to save humanity. If we do not employ systems to cultivate Earth, we will not apply systems to cultivate Mars, either.
  19. Ethics is a compromise around weakness.
    Excellence is a resolution around strength.
  20. Societal structures have fabricated scarcity that we have been so used to when resources were actually scarce and have built the dichotomy of life by exploiting money, or fighting against the exploitation. Fighting around dichotomies is not life.
  21. Wealth is not about ownership/dominion. It is about access/experience. BUXBE allows wealth to be based reputation creating quality as sustainable as possible, not unsustainable ownership of quantity.
  22. Seeking wealth has been reduced to speculating on commodities, gambling, etc.; a game of beating natural human psychology for survival, which most lose. BUXBE doesn’t take away the fun of the game; it just doesn’t make it a win/lose game, but a win/win for learning from the experience. It would be much better to value wealth on fundamentals that really matter [the central idea] where people win, and the tools that allow that to happen. Only then do we evolve securely and safely, without being in fear of loss.


This is much easier to achieve than changemakers may think, but it does require commitment and trust to do this, as does acquiescing to the learned helplessness to use usury/commodity currencies. All other currencies use FOMO/speculation to build traction, until they fail or are forced to use it. They also reqiure immense energy and resources to function, due to their derivative nature. All this leads to scams/shams/failure.

Usury/commodity currency economics creates an incredible amount of waste, both in resources and wasted time in irrelevant processes and people not being paid for their time, most notably volunteers and contributors to the creative commons, usually for the greater good. How many people acknowledge that they are not doing what they do or present for the money, and yet capitalism wants to sell greater good and money go together.

BUXBE affords an alternate economy that connects resources not sold or past their life span to those working for the greater good. There is no need to wait for money to buy them nor use other community currencies with too small scope or limited frameworks to do the same. BUXBE is only created on the final agreement and price of an exchange. If 2 people exchange a product or service for B60, then B120 is created, +B60 for one, and ±B60 for the other, depending on the type of exchange defined earlier. Therefore, the BUXBE bank is owned by 2 people with a volume of B120. As more people use it, so does the volume available. Balancing the account will resolve to a positive of what was created from exchanging education and community works/businesses.

Of course, the point of BUXBE is not to be usury’s poor nephew. It is built on the abundance of education. People not able to practice their learned profession in usury economies can now have access to an exchange platform with no cost. The price of exchange can be what they decide, but can only be what market demands, based on the unchangeable price of education: B60/h. This is like how the price of gold was pegged at USD$35, albeit in a different environment for how that stabilises pricing in BUXBE economies. As no one can have a negative balance in BUXBE economics, the first transaction must be an education exchange, but as BUXBE has already started, we are passed this point.

With education so accessible, and a neutral, free, exchange model is available, BUXBE users can approach businesses to be paid in BUXBE over usury, or simultaneously in both at different amounts, as a means to shift over to BUXBE completely. The natural incentive to shift is businesses are not owned by debt to banks. There is a capacity to lower costs of production paying people in BUXBE, get out of debt of the banks, and just use BUXBE. There are variations of this as situation demands, but as BUXBE is free to use and there is no need to tax, there will be gravitation to use BUXBE. Why on earth would anyone want to choose to live in debt-driven economics when there is an alternative? As the BUXBE communities grow, people will shift out of usury completely.

Racism, discrimination, abuse, so many disempowering frameworks based on resource acquisition against others now becomes competition to use resources towards empowering others constructively, collaboratively, by default. Destroying for power is meaningless in BUXBE economics. It is unsustainable.

Politics can move from trying to create irrelevant jobs that choke any progress, as usury demands to grow economies for their own sake, to truly support people, business, cultures to create in synergy Earth. Corruption is unnecessary to survive. Resources used for defence can now be reduced substantially, to now be used in projects to empower the people: food, shelter, tech, healthcare, transport; as communities decide, not to grow the economy, but to stabilise needs and wants as they arise.


The only energy BUXBE uses is an entry of transactions, and the redundancy to secure it. Blockchain is simply an encvrypted ledger. It’s the parameters that make the difference. The BUXBE blockchain can be used and recorded on mobile devices as well as relevant servers. There can be a full chain on servers with personal/community chains on mobile phones. There is no mining. It is unnecessary as there is no speculating profiting on the currency itself. One could say there is speculating on what people make to attract more buyers, but, again, this isn’t for the money; it’s specualating on who best create sustainably. However, there is no incentive lying about this. All resources to truly make this feasible are all accessible: education, therefore people’s capacity to create, is abundant; what BUXBE is based on. There is no reason to scam. All that would be apparent is you want to sabotage yourself, therefore do not believe in your self. The gap is intentional.

BUXBE totally inverts who is the most important in societal structures: farmers and miners. Banking in it’s current form is redundant. Commodity wealth will die, as it should. Judgements on what people quantity people own as status becomes redundant. It is what people do, to empower self and others, in the most sustainable way possible, that becomes the norm. Economics based on growth, just creating jobs, trying to, is redundant, too. It is not the amount of energy societies use that shows how evolved they are, it is how efficiently it is used that matters. Capitalism cannot do this as it focuses on quantitative efficiencies, not qualitative ones.


All the people own the BUXBE bank. Therefore, there is no incentive to cheat to get more money out of it. This is not just pointless, but inefficient. It is self-defeating and the amount of BUXBE available has no effect on the price of something will be.

Trauma and crime will fall dramatically. The core of almost all crime is lack of access. Usury is built on power over others. Any crime in BUXBE will not based on money. There is just no point. Go to a class and earn B60/h. Solved. Crimes created from self-disempowerment of some sort will only make that flaw clear to others. No crime can be overlooked, but there is far more access to resources to resolve this in BUXBE that usury economies will ever offer. Debt has created so much trauma to humanity for eons, for those in debt as well as those that own the debt. Both are ruled by fear. In BUXBE economies, this dies. Humanity can trust again.

BUXBE economies value competition to find the best ways to collaborate. Win/lose can’t exist. Better ideas are freely given to those that didn’t have them, to maybe make them better in the future. Business becomes a sport, to create the best experiences/art that empowers the most people in the most sustainable way possible.

Farmers and miners are at the top of the ‘pyramid’, now allowed to create what best is needed for people to create their highest imagination doing the same, their own way, in synergy with communities and Earth.

No one achieves excellence alone, but now all people can now discpover what their excellence is, with others. Those striving for ethical behaviour in usury economics now find this inevitable in BUXBE economics. Excellence demands ethcal behaviour as a default. Wealth measured in quantitative scarcity drives unethical behaviour as a necessity for status. BUXBE drives abundant quality, status based on who empowers most, and being able to GIVE it. That is true empowerment.

BUXBE demonstrates that this is not necessary. Trust need not be morally taught, but a logical path to excellence, for self and all, as people choose to discover it. We look for support support in societies, but make this all the more difficult, dividing people through economic classes, based on a quantified measure of illusion. This supports no one.

Humanity has been perpetually traumatised over civilisations of dichotomy wealth. We think greatness is through human dominance, but all these are remembered by is loss.

Only in using a free, non-commodity currency will we achieve personal and collaborative freedom. There is always a choice., there is always completion, but it will no longer be ruled by disempowerment. Only in a free, non-commodity currency will we discover ourselves, and no longer be afraid.


Human Nature: adapting to enviroment to succeed. Whether this demsnds to win/win or win/lose is dependent on the environment being inherently empowering, or not.

Human Condition: we do not know to love ourselves and much as we want to love others.

Usury: any costs/interest/fees on currency; not exorbitant of same.

Commodity: any instrument that can be speculated on. Intrinsic or not is irrelevant.




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There are lots of currencies out there, but if they do not answer how to incentivise creating sustainably/regeneratively, they’re a waste of time. Mine isn’t.